Information about SafeTax Accounting Office.

We are a team of accountants with years of experience working with entrepreneurs and companies. We offer our services to companies of all sizes and industries, starting from sole proprietorships and seasonal businesses to large nationwide companies. Effective communication and feedback is key to achieve customer satisfaction as it provides us with knowledge of our clients’ needs and expectations. Our goal is tooffer problem-free and accurate settlement with polish tax office, provide the best possible tax optimization and planning, and to relieve our clients from any tax-related concerns. We take pride in our clients’ confidence and their satisfaction – all in all it’s the ultimate point of our work.

Our work is based on a three-level tax settlement control system, which, in our opinion, ensures correctness of the accounting system. The first control step is the initial analysis of documents upon their arrival and during preparation for accounting. Checking the correctness of all the records in the books by a qualified and experienced worker, certified by the Ministry of Finance, is the second step. This allows to spot mistakes as well as issues that require more in-depth interpretation. Finally, the last control step is carried out by a statutory auditor, who settles the most delicate and problematic issues. Client’s feedback is very important on every level of the inspection process as to ensure both correctness and optimization of taxes.

SafeTax Accounting Office offers its services on the basis of a certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance on 26-03-2010.

SafeTax Accounting Officehas a Business Liability Insurance at PZU S.A., policy number 17192769.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
900 - 1700

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